Unwanted ads in AdSense

Google uses an ad auction to select the ads that will appear on your pages. The AdSense ad auction ranks advertisers based on their bids and Quality Score. The winning ads are from the advertisers who are willing to pay the most and the Quality Score ensures good user experience.

As a publisher, you can block certain ads on your site if you are personally sensitive to the content of a particular ad:



You may also want to block certain AdSense ads if you already have a direct advertising deal from a particular company or want to protect your brand image with only high quality ads:



Please note that ad blocking will likely reduce your earnings as it lessens auction pressure for advertisers! (See also Ad blocking part I and part II from the Inside AdSense blog for the most common myths associated with ad blocking. )

In your AdSense account, you can block individual ads in Ad review center:

Ad review center


You can also block by category, advertiser and network:



With the Ad balance option you can choose to not show low performing ads at all to improve the overall visitor experience on your site:



Finally, you can inspect and block ads live on your site with the Google Publisher Toolbar extension for Chrome:

Google Publisher Toolbar


Alternatively, you can check whether unwanted ads appear on your site with the Ads Monitor service.