Detecting AdSense changes on your site

"Everything changes
and nothing stands still"



Ads Monitor periodically visits your site as a regular user from a desktop or a mobile device and captures displayed ads.

Each day or each week you will receive an email report with most popular ads on your site and any changes comparing to the previous period. On the Ads Monitor site you will be able to review ads for any time period and perform more complex ads analysis.

Reviewing ads is necessary if you care about your site's brand image and visitor experience, or want to maximize earnings.

The Ads Monitor service is designed to identify ads seen be majority of your site visitors and allows you quickly take informed actions maintaining high site performance.

Have you ever wondered why your AdSense revenue suddenly dropped or increased?

The two main reasons are Google changing ads style and a large advertiser beginning or ending a campaign.

The Ads Monitor service can show you exactly how ads changed so you can make timely adjustments.

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