Best AdSense blogs, communities and tools

June 14, 2019. Learn how to overcome common AdSense hurdles and be prepared for upcoming changes in the AdSense program joining communities of AdSense publishers and reading relevant blogs. Earn more with AdSense using tools that automate ads management and give you additional information about ads on your site. Read this post

Reviewing AdSense ads

February 24, 2019. Ads that appears on your site are programmatically selected in AdSense auction. You don't have to review ads, but it becomes necessary if you care about your site's brand image and visitor experience, or want to maximize earnings. Read this post

Monitoring AdSense performance

January 29, 2019. Most webmasters check their AdSense earnings at least once a day. But even when total revenue looks normal, it is important to check other performance metrics to detect trends not yet visible in cumulative results. Read this post

How to increase AdSense earnings

January 17, 2019. Better understanding AdSense revenue profile on your site opens for you opportunities to reinforce strong points, fix problem areas and increase overall earnings. Read this post

Troubleshooting sudden drop in AdSense earnings

January 10, 2019. With enough ad impressions, a week to week AdSense revenue can be quite stable. Unfortunately, someday everything can be smashed to smithereens. Read this post

Personalized and contextual AdSense ads

January 2, 2019. To attract high paying advertisers, you can create content around a high paying topic and assign ad units to custom channels with enabled targeting. You can also create content attracting wealthy people and enable user-based ads. Read this post

Unwanted ads in AdSense

December 27, 2018. As a publisher, you can block certain ads on your site if you are personally sensitive to the content of a particular ad, if you already have a direct advertising deal from a particular company or want to protect your brand image with only high quality ads. Read this post

Arrow button on AdSense ads

December 26, 2018. Today, an arrow button is a standard part of a textual Google AdSense ad. A clickable arrow icon was first introduced in September 2012 and significantly increased click-through rate. Read this post