Personalized and contextual AdSense ads

Google AdWords advertisers can target people by long term interest, research intent, previous interaction with their business, demographic and sites by site content and available ad places:



As a publisher, to attract high paying advertisers, you can create content around a high paying topic and assign ad units to custom channels with enabled targeting:

Custom channels


You can also create content attracting wealthy people and enable User-based ads in Allow & block ads options:

User-based ads


Use Targeting types report to check performance of each strategy:

Targeting types


AdSense documentation defines contextual targeting as using keyword analysis, word frequency and the overall link structure of the web in order to determine what a webpage is about and precisely match Google ads to each page. With placement targeting, advertisers choose specific ad placements, or subsections of publisher websites, on which to run their ads. Personalized advertising enables advertisers to reach users based on their interests, demographics and other criteria.

You can track contextual and placement ads on your site with the Ads Monitor service.